Flanked by the UofM Lambuth Campus, City Hall and a major hospital, and anchored by an 82,000-sq. ft. LIFT Wellness Center, Jackson Walk was built around the concept of creating a healthy, walkable community that connects downtown and the historic Lambuth neighborhood. We call it Healthy Community. It’s a racially and economically diverse neighborhood with a mix of new housing and renovated wood-framed Victorians and bungalows, as well as the Jackson Walk and High Point apartments, and 20,000 square feet of retail—including a local pizzeria and small-scale organic grocery. Jackson Walk is part of a revitalized downtown with an amphitheater, Farmer’s Market and plenty of green space. Honored with a slew of awards, the community was recognized by the Urban Land Institute in 2014 as one of the nation’s top thirteen new developments centered on health and wellness.

“The guy that’s proven to be my partner in Jackson called me one day and said: ‘The city is doing great with development on the north side of the expressway. But we want the area on the other side to be equally vital.’ And I said, ‘I’m challenged by the positive way you put that.’”

—Henry Turley