South Bluffs—a true river town.

South Bluffs sits on a precious site — set on a high bluff, overlooking the Mississippi River. In 1990, before the South End district was born, we broke ground on this site to create a new residential neighborhood with the feel of a classic southern city — like Charleston, Savannah and New Orleans — with distinctive private homes, apartments and, at its edge, a converted hardware and saddlery warehouse.

We incorporated classic architectural and town planning components, such as commons and boulevards; the green medians, with their gardens, benches and fountains, serve as park-like space. We planted oak trees and dug up old cobblestones from the site itself, reusing them along the streets of the new neighborhood. And we contained the public spaces by keeping houses close to the sidewalks, as they are in well-loved town squares, so energy doesn’t dissipate across grassy spaces that are too wide.

Today, with the patina of time, South Bluffs has become a place so integral as to feel as if it has always been there. With its access to the River Walk, the South Main Arts District and the farmer’s market; its mature foliage and its ever-present bike-riders, walkers, families and dogs; South Bluffs is a scenic, riverfront neighborhood and anchor for downtown’s burgeoning South End.

Building the South Bluffs neighborhood, with its footbridge to the riverfront, helped drive improvements to Tom Lee Park, the creation of the River Walk stretching along the bluffs and the resurgence of downtown’s South End.