Bringing the South End together.

Central Station is a venerable Memphis landmark. The building’s preservation in the 1990s served as a catalyst and anchor for South Main’s resurgence. But, today, the station’s elevated railroad platform creates a wall between communities, and the surrounding property, much of which stands vacant, forms a 16-acre void in the revitalized South End of downtown. This area is also home to the iconic Powerhouse building and the Memphis Farmer’s Market, a downtown treasure; and there are multiple transit modes around the site, although somewhat disconnected, which creates the opportunity for transit improvements.

Making connections. Working with the Memphis Area Transit Authority and with our partner, Community Capital, we’ve developed a plan for redesigning and revitalizing this underused space to create a kinetic, interconnected, central place that ties together downtown’s South End and facilitates the creation of a multi-modal transportation corridor linking the south and north ends of the Downtown Core. The redevelopment represents $50 million in private investment and up to $5 million in public funds, ideally through federal grants for transit and public improvements.

Bringing a hotel and movie house to the South End. Key elements of the project include the conversion of Central Station into a hotel; a new cinema linked to the Powerhouse building; a landscaped central, public space/promenade; shared parking and transit improvements. The farmer’s market has been incorporated into the redesign and we will be adding 200 additional apartment units on the southern edge of the project — to create a fully formed, interconnected neighborhood between the riverfront and South Main.

Marketplace Rendering

In March 2015, with our partner Community Capital, we unveiled a plan for the revitalization of Central Station and its environs — to create a vibrant, multi-use downtown hub on the South End.