We look for developments that will make the city we’re working in better (that’s usually Memphis). By “better” we mean having a more complete, complex offering of choices in real estate contributing to a more fully-realized community and city. For us, it isn’t about “what is being done that is making money?” Instead, we ask, “What is not being done that would help build a better city?” Only once we’ve determined that do we then ask, “How can we find a way to make it profitable so that we can sustain our enterprise and attract others to join and expand the offerings?” The answers we find serve to build upon the texture and fabric of our community.

We began our work when Memphis offered virtually no downtown housing; it had no loft apartments; the concept of New Urbanism did not exist, nor did mixed income, diverse communities. We have enhanced, and will continue to enhance, all of these choices to Memphis. All of that is hard work, but we enjoy doing that kind of work.

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